Monday, 1 August 2011

Taking stock

With Joe done, i thought it might be an idea to sit back and see just where i am with other projects that have been pushed somewhat off to the sidelines during his build.

First up is my Stormtrooper helmet. You may recall that the ultimate plan is to have the whole outfit, painted up as a Sandtrooper, and i eventually join the 501st. To that end, i've got the ROMFX chipboard to give me the "tssk" through a speaker after every sentence i make, but next steps are: (1) Cut down the bolts inside that hold the ear pieces on and are far too long and gouge me every time i put it on, (2) Hot Glue some padding in the top to make it more comfortable, (3) Change the eye lenses for a far darker green, (4) Replace the Mike Tips as i've lost the mesh out of one of them.

Next is the plastic mammoth skelton that i'm cladding with flesh to make a Nurgle Plague Mammoth.

After that we've got the Ork Dreanought. Here you see the body is pretty much done and i'm getting ready to add the chimmnies to the rear.

The we've the Nurgle Titan. Progress on this that the legs are pretty poxed up now and i've started to add a "horn" affair at the front, under which the cockpit will go.

And last we've my least favourite - the "Aliens" Motion Tracker. A right duff old kit and one that's gonna take a LOT of work.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Your talent can be quite upsetting to the lame and talentless, it makes me cry.