Monday, 8 August 2011

Nurgle Titan - the gallows

Okay, added Mr Surfacer to the clear cockpit and any other smooth surfaces to break them up a bit.
Been having a think about the "horn" thing and why it'd be there, apart from being in keeping with the style of Nurgle. I could have it as being some sort of hood affair to protect the cockpit from incoming, but then i got to thinking it'd be the perfect place to freak out the enemy.
I had a whole bunch of these severed heads on spikes in the bitsbox, so thought i'd add them up top. Trouble was, they had curved bases, so you can see i've attached them to two strips of Plastcicard before attaching, then detailed them a bit with tiny cable ties.
I also thought it'd be a nice idea to have a gallows at the very front, to show off the most prominent person they'd captured and killed. So the gallows is a bit from a 1/35th WW2 truck and the cage with the skelton is from the bits box. I've only stuck him in place with Blu Tac as i'll be removing him for painting

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