Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nurgle Drop Pod

Putting this up on the 'Bay tonight and thought you might like to take a look?
Stumbled across it half built in one of the boxes in the attic and its a project that i started years back.
Its always got me that Chaos is meant to be chaotic - but stuff always looked the same. Surely things should be random, unique and totally different? Nurgle especially. With that in mind, i set about making my own version of a Drop Pod and i'd pretty much finished it but the paintjob when i re-found it.
So here it is done and this is what she's made from:

An Ovaltine jar, cut at the the 3/4 mark and a spacer put in.
That spacer was detailed with a simple cable tie.
A panel of the main part cut out and backed with Plasticard and small kit kits for the door.
The top of a toothbrush holder for the upper area where the manouvering jets are.
Plasticard wings.
And various kitbits for detailing.

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