Friday, 26 March 2010

Dragonfly Ship - progress

Quite a bit done now.
Slight set back in that the P38 that i'd shoved in the bottom of the neck then squished the body into that stuck fine - but didn't stick to the neck at all, leaving me this lovely P38 shape of the inside of it.
Got round that ok though by drilling a hole in the neck and the P38, pinning it and glueing with Araldite.
Been asking advice as what to do about the engine area, something that's been bothering me from the start, and they've come up with a mass of tubes a la and Atlas rocket. Which sounds neat so i'm going with that.
They also suggested Anti-Gravity pods slung underneath, which is another neat idea. Couldn't use the traditional ping pong balls cut-down for it though as the width of the body is far too narrow.
Luckily, the toilets where i work have a dispenser of toothpaste chewing gum which come in snap apart balls made of hard plastic. And here they are on.
Before i put them on though i had to get the surface ready.
You can see in the top pic two blue stripes. They are actual peel back covering for two lengths of sticky pads - the body is actually a conduit you attach above your skirting board to house electrical cables.
I could've taken the sticky stuff off but that would've meant a lot of scrubbing and rubbing.
Insead, i merely cut a length of Plasticard to size and used the sticky lengths to hold them on.
That works fine for them but i'm a bit worried that additional kit parts will make it too heavy and it'll start to peel away (especially as it'll be facing down). So bought a length of "L" shaped Plastruct which i'll be attaching along the edge to keep everything together.
Oh, the black hole in the top pic is me, for once, thinking ahead about displaying it.
Its going to need to be on a stand, but the usual clear rod i use will be far too thin - that filler filled neck is HEAVY - so i've drilled a hole, bung a biro cap in and i'll use the biro for the stand.

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