Saturday, 27 March 2010

Who can out-tom Tom Baker

So, i get a text from The Bronze from this here Blogiverse last night saying how he'd just seen Matt Smith on the Jonathan Ross show and how there's going to be a sort of nod to William Hartnell in the new series.
"Pish" i say to my wife this morning when discussing it, "Tom Baker would be much more fitting. Tom's better than any of 'em. Better than any Tom in fact".
And there followed a light-hearted bicker in which i maintained that there's never been a better Tom (not Thomas mind) in the whole of human history.
My wife tried putting forward candidates such as Mt Cruise and Selleck but they were quickly shot down in flames.
Then it occured to me - i'm right aren't i?
Which Tom in history can ever come close to the barking mad genius that is Mr Baker?
Go on, i dare you.


Mark said...

Tommy Cooper?

Spikeimar said...

Saw the interview and thought Matt Smith's Doctor looks interesting, very geeky and almost unco-ordinated (he moves like Max Wall it seems) and he has a certain Troughtonesque vibe. Sadly the actor Matt Smith wasn't as impressive, appearing a bit of a luvvie and having the thoughally annoying habit of starting every sentance with 'yeah yeah' which may not sound bad but we have a guy at work who does it continually and after 3 months it grates.