Thursday, 11 June 2009

U.S.S. Glazebrook - pastelling

Been thinking long and hard about how i'm going to weather this ship and in the end decided against washes - the ships so huge i thought it'd looky a bit silly.
Instead i'm pastelling and you can see here i'm nearly done on the engine area. I'm doing it in sections then sealing as to do it all in one go would mean smudging the pastels through handling.
There's not too much in the way of the pastels as, again, i don't want to do anything that'd throw out the scale.
On top of this there'll be some rusty washes to bring out the most intricate detail Andrew put on.
Also, you'll see its still mainly grey. I will be putting on a ton of metallics but don't like the finish of them if i put varnish over them, so will do them when the whole ship is sealed.

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