Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gateway Shuttle - tail rethink

You may remember that, when i started working on the Shuutles rear section, i got dismayed at the prospect of shelling out a lot of dough for the 1/24th Huey helicopter i'd need for the main parts.
Instead, i went my own way and created a riff on the design, using a B-29 tail instead. With me so far?
Well, when Matt Noble sent me the Macross parts for detailing the front section, he also sent me the two halves of the Regult legs to use for the tail. Trouble was, i couldn't use them.
So, as he'd been so kind, i couldn't not use them and decided to hang on and track down the helicopter i need and start again.
Strangely, it didn't take too long and was a fraction of what i've seen them go for - in fact less than what i paid for the Panzer vehicle a while back.
So here we are with it - what a whopper!


Blitzspear said...

Hi MAngamax, have you seen the SS Gateway shuttle that Max Zephyr has done over on resin Illuminati.

So i 'm assuming you have all the parts id done now?


Mangamax said...

Hey Rich.
Yeah, max has done a real good job. Even more impressive in that he's sculpted some of the shapes rather than using the original kit parts.
Dunno if that's 'cause he didn't know what they were, or couldn't find them.