Friday, 12 June 2009

Unknown Ship - the start

So, got that Panzer.... vehicle to turn into something SF. Trouble was, couldn't find anything as a substitute for the turret and REALLY want to crack on this with as i want to justify the hideous cost of the kit.
So, did a complete turnaround and now its to be a spacecraft rather than a land-based craft.
What's made my mind up is the intricate underside to this vehicle that would go unoticed - indeed, its such a nice bit of work its popped up in Star Wars and Galactica craft.
First pic shows the detail after i've pulled off the wings. still need to pull off the suspension that i'd glued on while thinking it'd be a tank.
Second pic is what i have in mind - the intricate part being the front to show it off and joined by a ribbed tube (which i've yet to source) to an engine section again an unfinished project kindly donated by Andrew Glazebrook.
Third pic is a bad shot of the engine section which you can see just needs a couple of panels finishing. But the Panzer... kit has so many great bits, its not gonna be a problem.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Some kind of mining vessel ?