Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Foamboard Challenge

Been looking around for my next project and, for a bit of fun, thought i'd challenge myself to building something completely out of Foamboard.
I can clad it in Plasticard and kitbits for detailing afterwards, but all the main structures must be made from Foamboard - no bulky kit parts or household shapes are to be used at all.
Then i got to thinking:
Why not make it a challenge?
Throw down the gauntlet to see what other folk come up with?
Why not?
So, fancy having a go? If you do, you can send a link to it in the comments section here.
And here's the start of mine. I'm planning a conning tower at the rear, partly inspired by oil tankers, but mainly to the orbiting bombs in 2001 and a bit of the Dark Star:


Spikeimar said...

What about the Tardis? Nice and easy? The monolith from 2001? Deep Thought? I'm thinking something slabby.

Mangamax said...

Oh yes, thinking big slabs of nothingness (bits box is getting rather small)