Thursday, 18 June 2009

Black Beast Of Aaaaaarrrrgh

Was having a sort out of the cabinets, came across this fella and thought you might like to take a look.
I made him years back when the FTVMC was asking if folk would like to sculpt something that could be then sold by them as a garage kit and, being a huge Python fan, this beastie was a natch.
It was a real interesting challenge as i had to sculpt each part seperately, continually in contact with the caster to make sure there were no pronounced undercuts etc, bake it, then move on to the next part, making sure the fit was nice and tight.
This is, of course, one of the kits - the original having been destroyed in the casting process.
And i think its one of only 5 that were cast - it wasn't exactly popular. Still, there was a photo of it in Modellers Resource and we did sell one as far afield as Mexico, so i was chuffed.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Ha ha, a fabulous model !! Really love this, brilliant work !!! :)

Blitzspear said...

Now that's cool Mangamax,and at least you can say you have a VERY rare kit!!