Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tusken Raider Respirator

I've been putting off and putting off starting work on the Tusken Raider Respirator, as i've been kind of dreading it.
Seems the thing to do is (A) buy two cans of WD40, (B) empty them, (C) pierce then cut them in half, (D) glue the two upper halves together.
Its done that way so that each end will have the raised area all aerosol cans have. But i'm not very keen on piercing empty pressurised cans, even if i'm certain they're empty.
So, i've cheated a used a standard can of beans, which is proving quite difficult now to find one's without a ring-pull top. Of course i had to cut the can along the side to remove the conents and i can do that as sloppy as i like as the can with be covered by fake leather when done.
Along with that in the first pic you've got the other components - two WD40 caps, a length of solid aluminium tube and some sort of multiple junction thing that i looked the part. I went with that rather than the standard brass affairs a lot of folk use as its very light plastic and our Son's only 13 and i don't want too much weighing him down.
Second pic is when i've cut two of the plastic things off that junction, and drilled holes in the caps and can.
Third pic is how things are today, when i've bent the tube into shape. Think it'll be a tad too big for our Son, but i didn't want to make a kiddie one as he's growing fast and it'll soon fit.

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