Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gaffi Stick

With only just over a month now to the Demoncon 7 convention, and with all three Sprogs wanting to join the Galactic Acadamy so they can troop with me, i've really got to pull my proverbial out.
Next up is the Gaffi Stick for our Son's Tusken Raider outfit.
The bit of it that's put me off the most has been the club end, being as the originals used in ANH were sourced from actual weapons from the Fiji Islands and are pretty complicated carvings. But i found a bloke in the States who was doing resin versions and it arrived over Christmas.
Its a lovely bit of work cast in a browny clearish resin - so nice in fact that my Wife has been trying to talk me out of it so she can have it as an ornament.
Being solid resin its HEAVY, so my first thought is a worry as to how i'll be able to secure it to the rest without it falling off.
The seller had very thoughtfully inserted a plumbing joint into the base of it and a trip to the local DIY store got me a 90 degree angle that was a nice tight fit.
Squishing ABS/PVC solvent into the joint should make for a nice secure join, but i'll be smearing some P38 around the outside join just to be sure.

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