Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gaffi Stick - almost done

Something i've been beavering away at while i've been off-air are the Star wars weapons for our Childrens outfits.
The Tusken Raider Gaffi Stick is coming along nicely now:
I've attached the resin end to a 90 degree plumbing part,
then attached it to a length of pipe,
then painted it all to look like wood,
then used gardening twine for the hand grips.
The next step is to add the smaller diameter pipe at the front that the spike and fins will be attached to. Initially i was going to go with more plumbing pipe, but that club end is SO heavy and the pipe SO light, that i think my Son would have a problem balancing and holding it over long periods of time.
So what i'm going to use is a wooden pole to add weight and have it go all the way down inside the existing tube to the club end to rry and balance things a bit.

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