Friday, 24 January 2014

Terminator HK Flying Machine

Okay, looks like i'm back - at least for a while. Don't know whats going on, but it seems to be a browser issue - switched to Google Chrome and now i can post pics.
Anyway, should get you back up to speed on what i've been doing, and this is the first.
I always wanted the old Horizon version since I built one as a commission waaay back when it first came out, but was always put off by it being vinyl and so chuffin’ big. That last one is even more important now, with barely any shelf space left.
But this is IP plastic and much smaller. In fact, the smallness seems to be a source of moaning online, with folk reckoning it’s far too tiny to be 1/35th. Er... Ummm.... nowhere on the box nor the instruction does it state that it’s meant to be 1/35th, so don’t know what they’re on about.
Watching the battle at the start of T2, the HK’s look to me to be about a bit bigger than an Apache Helicopter, so down I come with two different scale figures to gauge things – you can see them at the bottom of the photo here. Yup, 1/35th is way too big, the other fella is 1/48th and reckon is just about right – 1/72nd would make the craft too darn big.
There's a couple of choices to make - have the ship lovely and shiny as in T2 (in which case I could use Alclad finally) or the beaten up, grimy look of Terminator Salvation? And do I base it now, or wait for the upcoming HK Tank and make a diorama (if my shelves allow it)?
The paint scheme was decided for me when i realised that Alclad is only possible with an airbrush, which i don't have. So, here's where i am at the moment - finished "Audi Aluminium" which came out far far better than i thought it would.
So i'm not now going to heavily weather it a la "Terminator Salvation", but have it more like "T2".
Just need to put some light pastelling on for a wee bit of weather and finish the base.

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