Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Klingon Battle Cruiser

For anyone in the UK, T K Maxx have the flashy version Battlestar Galactica Viper and the Klingon Battle Cruiser from the Original Series for only 12 quid each.
Had to get me the Klingon Cruiser as:
(A) I loved the design as a nipper,
(B) It was one of the earliest SF craft kits i made, back in about '78 i guess.
So, open the box and there it is. Except, i think its been retooled - there's a tond of detail that i don't remember from first time out, the detail is lovely and crisp, and there's panels etched onto the hull - something that sure wasn't on the original. Guessing they're trying to emualte and tie into the version seen in The Motion Picture?
Anyway, this is what you get - parts, instruction sheet, decals and a Klingon trading card. Printed in German. Guessing that's why its marked down.
Anyway, looking foraward to building it and i promise it doesn't end up like my last one - to have the command module cut off and an Eagle beak from Space 1999 stuck in its place.
Yes, really.

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