Saturday, 30 November 2013

Klingon Battle Cruiser - colours.

Okay, what colour do i do this thing?
Its from the original series, so guess must be the Mid-Grey that it appears to be on the show.
But this new tooling has the intricate panel detail that wasn't on the original, but was on all the Klingon craft in the films and subsequent series that followed.
So i've taken my cues from them - and especially Star Trek Into Darkness - and have it as a down and dirty, beat up craft, with no order or cleanliness about it.
So, first up a basecoat of Tamiya JA Grey, which is a lovely grey/green affair:

And next is a step towards dirtying it: many washes of Raw Umber/Black and tons of drybrushing with the basecoat:

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