Monday, 4 November 2013

Dirty things

Been having a bit of a dirty today.
There's our Son's Tusken Raider headpiece, which i'm slowly getting to roughly the colour they are in A New Hope (or, "Star Wars" if you're a certain age). The colour of them is kind of odd - a sort of dirty khaki affair, totally different to the tans of the other robes. So i'm slowly staining the bandages with Khaki, and a khaki/brown mix, and straight black, keeping the mixes very watered down and dappling them on to keep them nice and random.
Also, got his bandoliers yesterday along with some for our Youngest's Jawa outfit, and i've got to do something about them. The belts are good, being very decent quality leather, but the pouches are a vinyl imitation of the British 1903 bandoliers used, and i think i'm going to have trouble getting any paint to stick on them.


bubblegum casting said...

cool shit!

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