Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Klingon Battle Cruiser - assembled

Okay, that was simple but good fun.
Straight away i had to choose what to do with the windows. There's a whole bunch of clear plastic one's to put into the "head" here, but i really didn't fancy masking each one up individually before painting, i wasn't going to paint the kit before building, and i wasn't going to paint each black once i had painted.
So, as they're SO small i decided to leave them out completly - i'll have nice black windows without having to do any painting.
The dome affair up top isn't glued on yet as they have a couple of clear light to go in, so i've Blu Tac'd it together until after painting.
This really is a retooled model - i vaguely recall making this and i know the rear of the neck here didn't have the six pieces to it that this one has.

You can also see i've painted some clear pieces with Clear Green - they're for the engine nacelle areas and i figured i would use these as they light should shine from one side to the other.
Before glueing in though, i had to paint the area the go into in black:

And here we have it all built. At the rear here there's two clear areas that should be red so, again, i've just Blu Tac'd the upper area there until after painting:

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