Thursday, 24 March 2011

Producing - 1

Been a bit hard up just lately so put some of my built kits up on eBay. Also thought i'd try and sell a couple of my scratchbuilds and it was quite a suprise to see them sell.
So, thinking maybe i should try and make a few things with a view to seeling rather than just putting up on the shelf. They'd have to be quite small to keep the P&P down and not too delicate so has to survive the trip to its new owner.
With that in mind, i've started on my first one - some sort of underwater craft. The two main parts are an old cream bottle that i put in the bits box because of its shape and the engine block from an old truck kit.
To that i've added the usual panel lines, various kit bits and a tiddlywink. Think all i need to finish it off are a couple of fins either side.
The curvy front with the busy rear is screaming M.a.K to me, so that's the way i'll go for the colour scheme.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Have had to sell some of my stuff on ebay recently.