Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mean Machine

Never bought one of these when they first came out as 1/9th scale is pretty small and i don't really like the pose. But one came up on eBay boxed and pretty cheap so i got it, thinking i could change it by lowering the arm right down.
And paint him following Chris Halls' preproduction art for the Stallone film.
But, problem. It can't be just a case of lowering the arm as his whole torso is arched upwards to allow him to raise up the massive arm (great, well thought out sculpting there) and if i wanted to do that it'd mean cutting out the shoulder and a lot of the waist and rebuilding.
Don't wanna do that so the arms staying as is.
So thought i'd build as is, have it as a movie version and this much bigger 1/6th one as my comic version.
But its bugging me that there's no bionic eye. So have bunged one in.
So i've now got a comic version head but a movie version arm.
Leave it as is?
Sculpt a waistcoat to make it more comicy?
Realistic gory bits or not?


The Bronze said...

You fool, I offered you one for nothing a few months ago.

Mangamax said...

Did you? Bugger.

The Bronze said...

You said the kit was rubbish if I recall.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

My claim to fame is I appeared in a comic strip in 2000AD and was head butted by Mean Machine !! I posted a bit about it here a few years back !!

Mangamax said...

Wow! That's a heck of a claim to fame. All i've got is being pally once with Admiral Piett. Want to trade?
Any pics you've got of the Mean Machine project you'd like to share?