Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Biog

There has been another thing i've been working on but have held back on showing you in case it went wrong and i wouldn't want to waste your time chronicling something i'd not finish.
And i had real reason to doubt as i tried once before (have a trawl back here to see the nightmare i had).
Anyway, over at the 2000ADonline Forum there's an art competition for folk to produce something that shows why you like the title so much.
Decided to go with a Biog as they were the source of Maximum Thrill Power for me when the Prog first started.
But, as i found out 4 years ago, Belardinelli's stunning creatures are real difficult to make flesh.
And i've found it out again. First thing i did was to make a rough head shape from "Plastirok", a superior form of Das Pronto. That's nice and cheap and quick drying but not very good for detail work.
Onto this crude head i added the eyes. For them i used a couple of clear plastic shapes from some sort of packaging that i'd stored away. Figured, with them shaped properly, they could pass for the odd elliptical shapes Massimo had for their eyes.
To make that shape i used Green Stuff, rolling it out nice and thin and making the eye shape first, then building outwards from there.
I first planned on having the "brains" made of the same stuff and set about making small shapes, pressed up against each other. That looked rubbish, so overlaid it with more of the brown stuff.
Carried on building things up, struggling to make what i saw on the page appear in front of me.
Which didn't really work and i only got an approximation. But felt a bit better once i'd put on a basecoat of Rotten Flesh.
I have it in mind to have him in very pale zombie-like tones. Definetly not the blue/white as seen in the comic.


The Angry Lurker said...

That's really excellent, looking forward to seeing it painted.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Awesome !!!