Sunday, 2 January 2011

B7 Hairdryer Ship - puzzle solving

Just about my only resolution this year is to finish some of the projects that are languishing in boxes or gathering dust on the bench.
So, minds turned back to this one.
I've multiple stumbling blocks of just what was used in some places:

For a start, in pic 1, if you look at the very "top" there's an angular shape that looks an awful lot like it could be a 1/72 jet fighter wing lain horizontally. Reckon it'll be near impossible to identify, as Matt Irvine doesn't recall it, so i'm on the lookout for a suitable substitute.

Pic 2 has a closer look at a couple of parts i need. The top one is infuriatingly familiar and i'm thinking maybe the underside of a 1/72 tank turret - that bit that allows it to turn on the main body.

Pic 3 has a couple of shapes from the rear, again ringing bells. Luckily, i've been helped out again by the Eagle Forum, with the left one being identified as part from the Saturn V kit cut down.

Lastly, i've got to think about the underside. All i know of it for sure is that there's 3 upturned Airfix plane stands down there. I've got them so that's ok - but how to attach them? Been having a ponder and, in the end, decided to go with just turning the base over and glueing the stand part into it. With no photographic evidence that Matt didn't do that, there's a chance he did, right?
The fact that the underside seems to be unknown actually helps me as i can go my own way, putting on parts that aren't right at all but hopefully in keeping with what's going on up top.

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