Sunday, 9 January 2011

Draconian Fighter - assembly

Pic 1 - This ship will soon be finished methinks - after a soapy wash last night (the kit, not me), i've started to put it together. made easier by the build being a case of putting a couple of inserts into the upper hull, glueing the hull and cockpit halves together and bunging a gun on.
Pic 2 - This is the cockpit area - a chair. You can get an add on fully detailed interior but there's no way you'll see it through the red canopy glass so would have to figure a way of opening the sealed shut cockpit to show off all your hard work and expense. You can only just about make out the chair in a good light, so i'm not going to bother even painting it.
Pic 3 - here we go all done. I'm waiting for the white glue i've used on the clear red piece to set good and hard before masking it up prior to priming.
Pic 4 - For Desert Scribe, Andrew and Mike - another shot of the still lovely 61 year old Wilma in her nifty alternative outfit (shame about the hair)


Desert Scribe said...

The Buck Rogers TV show did have some cool-looking designs. I'd forgotten about the translucent red cockpit glass in this model. If you put a small light bulb inside the cockpit, it would make a nice glowing effect.

I don't know if you do much gaming, but that ship would make a good fit in a 28mm skirmish game, as a vehicle, as an objective or just as something that blocks line of sight.

P.S. Thanks for the fan service re: Erin Gray! :-)

Andrew Glazebrook said...