Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Ship - shades of green

From the top:
(1) Here she is based in the yellowest green i could find. Nice and shiny for the decals - but rather toy-like.
(2) Here i've added a few decals and yellow Go-Fasta stripes to break the green up a bit and a definete nod to Thunderbird 2.
(3) Had trouble with the nose as it seems the primer and main colour just didn't take at all, meaning that when i trimmed this panel to size it lifted paint each end. No matter - will cover the blemishes up with metallic paint and just have it more beat up than i intended.
(4) All done and ready for a coat of Matt Varnish to dull it all down.
(5) Dulled down - but STILL too toy-like. Right, heavy dirtying is in order then.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super looking so far !!!!

Blitzspear said...

another quality bash from Mangamax :)