Friday, 28 January 2011

B7 Hairdryer Ship - turning to the underside

Okay, have to tackle this sooner or later. These two shots you see here are all that i can find of the underside and all i can get from them is:

The positioning of the smaller Airfix stands at the front and how they're attached by some sort of thick tubing,
the positioning of the larger stand and how its much closer to the hull - guessing to make all three the same distance hanging down, thereby allowing the ship to rest on them. Are they meant to be an undercarriage then?

I've no way of knowing what Matt used for the connecting tubing so instead i'm going to do something that he might have done, and that is to use the upright part of the stand but have it facing the wrong way round to make it a bit more interesting.
Of course that leaves me with what do i detail the rst of it with if i dunno what was on the original?
As i'm having to go the "inspired by" route to replicate some parts, i'm not too fussy about doing the same for the underneath.
And you can see i've made a start.
I'm going to try and emulate what Matt did up top by having and blank areas in roughly the same places and having most of the gubbins towards the rear.

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