Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sherlock/Doctor Who/UFO/Captain Kronos

Scuttlebutt will have it that Benedict Cumberbatch is being groomed to replace Matt Smith in Doctor Who. Okay, his take on Holmes in the new Beeb series "Sherlock" sure has echos of the current Doc but, c'mon, give the guy a chance - he's only done one series.
Okay, some of the episodes were a bit duff but, through them all, Mr Smith has been a unique, powerful, mesmersising presence.
Bit early to be writing him off, yes?
For me, the only thing of note about this new chap is his mother.
Wanda Ventham.
The best thing in UFO after the special effects.
And a character in my favourite Hammer vampire film - Captain Kronos.
Two good reasons for putting up this non- modelling ramble.

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