Sunday, 1 August 2010

B7 Hairdryer Ship - research

So there i am with two hairdryers glued together and a very small photo of the uncompleted model for reference.
And some very odd looking shapes involved.
I started by freeze-framing the DVD and doing sketches of what i could see but then hit on the idea of taking photos of those still images - which produced these. Which, apart from being a great help, showed just how much the ship had changed between the Starburst pic and when Mat's holding it - the detail on the end of each of the hairdryers has gone and the colour has faded an awful lot.
Still didn't help me though so thought i'd go to the Man and contact Mat Irvine to see if he could remember just what he used.
What a nice guy. He was very pleasent and chatty and getting his emails was a real thrill as he was a modelling hero of mine during the 70's and 80's.
But, part-wise, i only learnt that a lot of the detailing (especially the "prong" thing between the hairdryers) were EMA and that there were three Airfix aircraft stands on the underside. The tubular section at the rear was EMA tube that housed the batteries for the lights inside. Am amazed that Mat went to so much trouble for something that'd be bilnk and you'll miss it moment.
Incidently, its curious that Mat called the ship the "Alien Scout Ship aka The Flying Hairdryers" and at shows it was labelled as and "Andromidian Scout Craft" - when in the episode Jenna tells Avon that a ship was landing on Star One but she didn't recognise the design. Now, that was Travis' ship. If he was indeed piloting an Alien craft, where the heck has he just flown in from?

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