Tuesday, 3 August 2010

B7 Hairdryer Ship - deviating a tad

Now, this part of the build is retro-active. I didn't want to start to chronicle it then stall if i found i'd come up against a brick wall and couldn't go any further *cough* Gateway Shuttle.
But got enough parts now to think that's not a prob, so here i am remembering and typing what i did next.
If you're with my so far you'll recall all i had to go on at this stage were the very blurry screen shots and the Starburst photo.
I had to use them to decide what to do about covering up the two holes where the on-off switches had been. Studying what i had, it looked like Mat had used a plain piece of Plasticard. I could've done that easy but thought, to add a bit of interest, to use the ribbed version to add a bit of detail to a very blank area. It wasn't till Exterminator put his pics up that i saw what was actually used - some sort of baseplate by the look of it. But i like mine, so they're staying.
Next thing i did was address how to cover up the join on the underside between the main hull and the tube.
All i had to go on was this very crude shot of the rear and part of the underside, taken from the episode.
That offered up no clues as to what was going on under there.
Figured though that Mat would've used the same sort of blanking plate to cover up the lettering as he did up top. It'd also make a nice level surface for attaching the Airfix Stand. So i bunged one on.
Also figured he'd do the same as up top by detailing the area where the tube met the body. Not having a darn clue what he used - i eventually chose these two parts from the Airfix SRN4 kit. Of course, they're totally inaccurate - but feel the curvy, unusual look of them could fit in with the ethos of the craft.
So they're staying.
At least for the time being.

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