Friday, 6 August 2010

B7 Hairdryer Ship - putting parts on

Its a bit frustrating in that a lot of the parts i've collected so far i can't put on as i need to put on some of the bigger pieces first to gauge just where they go.
And i haven't got those bits yet.
But some i can put on and you can see i've:
put on the Space Shuttle cowls down on the handles. These needed filing flat before i could do so byt that was no prob. Out of them i've put lengths of plastic rod. Was happy with that - until one of Exterminators photos showed that there was a small dome under each shroud that the rod connected to. But you can barely see them so i'm not going back.
The ribbed shape top left had me stumped - till someone pointed out it was half an engine bell from the Airfix Saturn V cut-down. Luckily, i have some of them. But it was a real pain to cut it netaly in half like this and i don't understand why Mat went to all the fiddly trouble of disguising the part like this when, surely, he had other parts in his bits box he could use?
The detailed part in the centre is from the R2D2 kit, being a bit of his leg. It doesn't quite fit on the blanking plate properly as i'd made the plate a bit too tall. But, seeing as i'd eyeballed its dimensions from the crappy screen shot, which is all i had when i made it, i'm quite chuffed that its very nearly right.
Sort of ditto with the green Lee/Grant tank part. Its meant to butt up against the ribbed section and not sit slightly over it but, again, i'd eyeballed how wide the ribbed bit should be and i'm not THAT far off. so i'm happy.

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