Tuesday, 13 July 2010

UFO Lunar Module - body

Only landed yesterday morning but already off and running with it.
Main reason is that Ricardo's given me no prep work to do at all and i could crack right on. Here's the two parts for the main body glued together with Araldite Rapid and the very small gap filled with P38 and rubbed down.
Didn't wash the parts before i started as i figured they'd need a good soaking after i'd dealt with the filler.
So here they are drying.
For the next part, the instuctions say to trim the clear vac-form canopy to fit the part seen here. Then either cut the front of this part away and paint it black if you want to see inside or just paint the inside of the canopy black.
Then stick the combined piece to where you can the two bumps in the first pic. Then it'd be a matter of using the supplied template to cut out some masking tape to mask off the window area.
Must say, wasn't looking forward to that bit.
But then i got the resin piece out the bag and, as you might be able to see here, the windows are actually scribed into it.
So, not going with the clear piece at all and my windows i'll just be picking out on this piece in gloss black

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