Sunday, 18 July 2010

German Satellite - shades of grey

Been umming and ahhing over just what colour scheme to go with here. First plan was just Grey Primer with a bit of highlighting.
Tried that - but it seemed just too dark compared to the supplied still.
Decided to lighten it up by giving an overspray of white. Trouble with that is it can look just like what it is.
So what i've done - and you can see on the Conning Tower in the background here - is lay some black washes in the deepest detail areas, then lightly spray the grey again over that, then the whole thing gets the overspray of white.
I've found that by doing that you get some nice black contrast to the rather white/grey combo.
In the foreground is the main hull with the black washes on. Looks crude i know, but it'll be better soon.

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