Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Happy birthday me - and Mat Irvine

Rather chuffed to find i share my birthday with another modelling hero from my childhood - Mat Irvine.
Really feel that, for far too long, the BBC Effects department has had an "Aw, bless" attitude from folk - cheaply made models shot crudely.
And to an extent that's true.
But dig a bit deeper (watch various extras on Doctor Who DVD's, read any of Mat's excellent modelling books) and you find the crew were up against the most hideous odds, be it budget or deadlines.
Personally, its a miracle they pulled off what they did.
And they did it with such enthusiasm, best personified by Mat, especially on his regular Swapshop apperances.
As i say, a real role model of mine, someone who was funny, passionate about his craft and very talented.
And the more i read about him - whether its his real space modelwork for documentaries and the news, Blake's 7, Doctor Who and many others, the more i respect his body of work.
Hopefully, with the upcoming Beeb SPFX book, he finally be acknowledged for his contribution.
Happy birthday Mat.

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