Sunday, 18 July 2010

Comet's Liberator

On a bit of a Blake's 7 kick right now and therefore have a few projects lined up.
Two of them are scratchbuilt recreations of a couple of the lesser known craft. More on them later, once i've ammassed a lot of the parts needed (realised with the Gateway Shuttle project that its not good to start posting something then leave it an eternity before an update).
But first up is the Liberator.
Built one of these when they first came out but lost it during a house move. Been meaning to get another for a long time, and would rather go for one of the bigger resin versions. But (A) space is getting REAL limited now (B) have had my fill of working with resin for a while.
So picked up the far simpler IP one from Comet, which benefits from being the most accurate, being made using the actual 3 foot version as reference, and much smaller.
And, boy, is it smaller - as you'll soon see.
Anyway, an hour with it got me this far.

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