Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mad Max - the Toecutters helmet

Just stumbled upon this amazing shot of the prosthetic head and bulging eyes of the Toecutter from Mad Max. Its used with permission of, who's links below.
Even though the shot in the film was a matter of few frames, it always bugged me how unreal it looked (much like the clearly painted slab of hardboard stuck to the front of the lorry at the end of Mad Max 2).
But seeing it here out of context, it actually looks really good doesn't it?
That's the original helmet too - complete with nifty Kali statue.
Pleased to see both are safe and being cared for.


Mad Max Online said...

I see you grabbed the pic of the Toecutter's Helmet from our website Mad Max Online. It would have been nice if you'd asked permission to use the shot and nicer still if you'd included a link back to our site.
Please include the accreditation line: "Picture used by permission of" and a link to the original image.

Thank You
Site Admin

Mangamax said...

Hey, sorry about that - no offence intended. Was sent the image by a friend, who didn't say where it'd come from. Thanks for the info, will update it right away.

Mad Max Online said...

Hey... no offence taken.
Thanks for doing the update so quickly!
We thought you might be interested to know that the mechanism for making the eyes bulge is still working too.
Oh, and the "painted slab of hardboard stuck to the front of the lorry" is at the end of the original Mad Max, not Mad Max 2.

Site Admin

Mangamax said...

Oooops, and there's me thinking i'm a fan!