Tuesday, 15 June 2010

German Satellite has landed

Got this today, opened the box, and... VERY nice.
Detail is lovely and fine, spread all over the main part and the pieces that make up the conning tower affair.
There's a lot of panels to add even more detail to it and, a very nice touch, two jewel boxes that contain the very small parts.
There's also the brass rod needed for the bits and bobs, good decals, a four page instruction sheet with lots of pics, and a nifty, clear studio photo for reference (athough that's really not needed as the instructions are very concise and clear).
All in all you get a feeling its a kit for SF modellers made by SF modellers.
Only niggle is the quite widespread airholes (some tiny, some obscuring detail) and an 'orrible pouring mistake on one of the tower parts.
eager to crack on with this, so off to the supermarket in a mo' to get a bowl and cheap toothbrush to give everything a scrub.

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