Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dragonfly Ship - moving forward

At last some progress here. Was in my local Modelzone yesterday and they're good in that they don't mind me having a nose through the Tamiya boxes as they aren't sealed down.
I was looking for a new 1/35th military kit by them as they're an excellent source for tiny detail and nifty shapes.
I'd been up the German 88mm gun for some time as there's all the barrel bits i could use and the stand looks like it has potential.
But then i saw the part that's for the gun's trailers wheel arches and body. It a lovely, curvy affair that looked like it'd straddle the neck of this ship quite nicely and be the basis for then building up a bit to then attach the wings.
Get it home and, joy!, it fits perfect.
You can see i've added two orange hemipsheres to the piece. That's a trick i picked up from Martin Bower - yo-yo's come in all sorts of sizes, are cheap, made of styrene and easily snap apart to provide two hemipsheres for a fraction of what they'd cost from EMA.
Ta Martin.

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