Wednesday, 23 June 2010

German Satellite - progress

Okay, top shot you have the finished Communications Array. You can see i've stuck on some of my tried and trusted pinstripes. That's because a lot of the airholes are so fine and so numerous that i can't get into all the intricate areas to fill them, let alone sand them down. So by putting the stripes on i'm cheating by covering them up - and in the process adding extra panel detail i suppose. Trouble is, since i took this photo i've primed it and all those airholes thought i hoped were under the surface aren't. So more stipes then...
Next up isn't the rear of the craft. They might look like engine bells but this is actually the front and these are the weapon tubes.
And bottom we have a side view to show the tiny, intricate pieces that'll be glued all down the middle.

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