Thursday, 1 April 2010

Vulcan Shuttle

Did a mammoth 15 shift at work all by myself yesterday so, to pass the time, popped into Modelzone and bought on of these fellas to build.
I'd gotten one way back when it was first released but that one's long gone. So its nice to see it back again on the shelves.
Get to work, open the box and - WHAT?
Sprues and sprues of the most hideous mauve plastic are staring up at me. They're 'orrible.
Read the instructions and it becomes clear:
They're that colour because the original studio model was mauve with contrasting panels.
Now, i'd always had it down as tan or brown and had painted my first one that way. The box art here does show a mauve tint to a grey. The back of the box has it all in standard greys.
What's going on?
According to the instructions, you go mauve for authentic.
Overspray it with "Golden Copper" to replicate how it looked on screen.
Or go greys for a Federation version.
Not too happy with having such a quandry but the excellent 2 sheets of decals make up for that.
They're VERY comprehensive, including panelling as well as decals and there's a number of Vulcan and Federation versions to go for.
Anyway, the build is just as i remember it - very simple, taking about half an hour. A nifty new addition is to include magnets to hold the two hulls together - and they're VERY strong.
The base is neat too, having a gimble built in to allow posing.
Here's the sub-assemblies at work. They have to stay like this now right through painting, decaling and pastelling.

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