Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lunadiver - built

Okay, back from the hols and straight back to a 14 hour shift at work yesterday all by meself.
To make it go faster i took the Luna Diver with me to assemble - and this is what i did:
Well, scrap the idea of using the pilot - if i have the canopy opening you just get to see the very top of his helmet.
Think that's a bit of waste of such a lovely figure so he's going into a box still in his chair until i can find a suitable 1/35th craft to bung him in to.
Moving on with the craft, i had it built in no time. There's lots of sub-assemblies that have to be assembled first then put togther in a strict order.
That's not a prob though as the part fit on a lot of them is so good that its almost a snap-fit - put a bit of Liquid Poly on the back and you're done.
Top pic is her all together. Held off on the two tube things that stick forward from the mid-riff as i felt they distracted too much from the lines of the ship.
The only real problem i had was with these areas in the second pic, which needed a bit of puttying.
A small niggle is that when you cut a part from the sprue, the sprue extends under the piece onto the joining surface, looking all the world like a locating lug. Pretty much every part had to be double checked first to make sure i wasn't removing something i shouldn't. As i say, a small niggle.
Third pic has it primed up in Halfords Grey primer. I'm keeping it in these seperate parts for ease of painting. Not a prob as the long thing - a Rail Gun - fits into a rubber grommit and the part fit for the two side panels is so good they don't need glue. Ditto the radar dish that sits under the Rail Gun.
Now i'm at this stage, thought turns to colour.
Figure its got to be a shade of grey as its Lunar based and that's the camoflage most suitable.
Seen a lot of versions where there's a dark top-side to convey the "Stingray" designation, but a lot of the time i think it detracts from the shape of the thing (after all, the purpose of camo is to break up the lines of an object).
What to do then? One tone grey and see everything - or a marine-like camo affair?

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