Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vulcan Shuttle - getting started

As i say, the builds pretty minimal and very fast. Primed up in Halfords Grey Plastic i had to decide what to do colour-wise.
Vulcan is the right way to go - but can i find a mauve can of spray paint anywhere? Yeah, right. Who'd want that? Apart from Vulcan bodywork guys that is.
Federation? Easy enough to do. But the thought of a resprayed, secondhand shuttle in the Enterprise's Shuttle Bay just doesn't seem right.
There's a goods store near my work that does a selection of Plasticoat spray paints that includes a deep pink that i thought would maybe give me the mauve i need if i dusted it over the grey primer.
So, bought a can and tried it. As you can see, its not far off. But... As its dusted on, if you look close up you can see its just a matter of pink blotches over grey.
Not the effect i was looking for.
So, have put another coat of primer on since this pic and i'm back to square one.
Resigned to going the Federation route, went down to Halfords for a can of light grey. Nope, that ain't happening - all their greys are mettalic.
Thinking now the best bet is to go to Canterbury, which has an excellent art shop that stocks and extensive range of really off the wall colours in can form. They dry really matt and leave a horrible dust, but i can live with that.
Will try for the mauve, if not the grey.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Are you out of your Vulcan mind !! :)