Monday, 2 February 2009

Psydon ship - another disaster

So, still pleased with myself for getting that Saturn 1B, even more so when i realise the part for the neck fits really snugly over the B&Q piping i've used for the support rod (pic2).

But now i've got this far, something that's been bugging me for a while now is how does the neck attach to the very curved rear of the Command Module? (pic1)

I first thought it must actually be recessed into the beak, but the neck is situated very low down on it - pretty much half on the beak, half hanging down, as does the flange around it (pic3 shows the flange hanging down on the underside).

But as you can see from pic 4, the neck seamlessly fits onto the CM.

Was having a natter with Martin Bower last night and he said the reason it does that, and i REALLY should have spotted, is that the back of the original was flat. Mine's not, it being a vacform of a 44inch Eagle beak.

So what the heck am i to do?

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