Sunday, 8 February 2009

Battlecruiser - paint scheme

Been thinking too that, after all the matt, camo schemes i've been doing for the Ma.K kits of late, that it'll be refreshing to go the opposite way.
So, a Peter Elson/Chris Foss scheme it is then. Thinking yellow with green detailing - think the colour opposite of Thunderbird 2.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I always liked the colour scheme on this by Peter Elson Here

Mangamax said...

Lovely isn't it?
Really tempted to go with a scheme like that for this but worried what might work for a £2.99 cover won't work "in the flesh".

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That's the problem isn't it ?! That's where digital has advantages over real world, you can't screw up a paint job on a digital model, it's not like your losing detail by adding more paint layers. But I still prefer real world anytime even though I don't do much of that anymore !!