Friday, 27 February 2009

Battlecruiser - more detail

Okay, had another go at some detailing. What i like about doing a scratchbuild is the ability to go at your own pace, adding bits randomly, just wherever and whenever you like. Which is what i've been doing here. Put some more on the front - which the photo makes parts look wonky, but they're not. The dark green pieces are from 1/72nd Revell helicopter that i bought just because it has loads of tiny detail. The big grey slab thing is, of course, the mandible insert from the MPC Millenium Falcon.

I've ummed and ahhed as to what to do with the top, and here's the start of it. Thinking the main detail will be in this mid-section, with thinner detail fore and aft. To the aft are two pieces left over from a M.a.K project and the white large piece is from the Airfix SRN4 Hovercraft.

And here i'm building up the engine area. The grey pieces are from the HMS Belfast (great kit for parts) and, again, the white pieces are SRN4.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looking great so far !!!!