Thursday, 5 February 2009


Been looking around for something new to build - but spare cash is non-existant. So thought i'd have another go at a scratchbuild - they're cheap, uses up a lot of ammased junk and no-one can tell me i'm wrong.

So three quid spent at the craft shop gets me a large sheet of 3mm foamboard and here's the start.

I've deliberatly gone for a design that's a lot of flat surfaces - for some reason most of my scratchbuilds have been curved shapes, which create all sorts of problems and limitations when adding detail and i wanted to do away with all that.

I wanted a nice blocky battlecruiser look, with a big bulbous front a la the Dreadnaughts in Babylon 5 or Mark Harrisons ships in Durham Red. I also wanted to contrast it with some curves somewhere to break it up a bit and went with what you see here - a nod to Henry Flints brilliant ship design in Shakara.

Not started yet will be an engine section at back joined by a tube i think.

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