Monday, 21 January 2008

Space 1999 Hawk docking bay

So i'm digging out bits and pieces for the Elson and a lot of them are far too big to use.

"Really like that" thinks i "shame i'm not building anything at the moment i can use it on".

Then the lightbulb pings on - this Airfix Hawk that i modified a while back i'd set aside to build a launch platform for.

Thought it'd be a nice challenge to have a go at building something in the spirit of a show rather than something directly from it.

And to come up with a feasable idea of how the pilots get in the darn thing!

So, top pic is the initial stage - an A1 sheet of 3mm Foamboard. I love this stuff; light, easy to cut and glues well with Superglue and also PVA. Not too clear here but i've marked out the dimensions.

Second pic is an easy way of building. The shape is cut out, and the lines where the wall joins the roof and floor i cut just through the top layer of plastic and only just into the foam. This allows me to create the three sections out of one piece, making it much more stable.

Third pic is DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd come up with the width of the piece by putting on the ventilation grill i'm using for the actual launch deck onto the wall and marking off a little bit either side of it. Then built from that and stuck the side walls on.

Offered the grill up to the wall, this time with the Hawk on it and...

i'd forgotten the Hawk is longer than the grill! It only just fits in the box here and looks bloody stupid. So i'm going to have to cut open the side walls and widen the whole thing.


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