Thursday, 3 January 2008

Predator - Alien quandry

Very pleased how the paintjobs come out on the fella (but, due to crap lighting at the mo, this pic doesn't really convey it) but the niggles been - "gloss or not gloss"?

I really like it with a satin sheen but others reckon it should be glossy.

In the end my mind was made up by what to do for the soil. Its texture is like stone, and that's what i started out doing, but the two skulls are embedded in it, suggesting soil or mud.

In the end i've goen with washes of brown over the stone colours, then an icky green/brown ink mix to make it look real swampy.

That's dried real shiny so can't really have the alien shiny too as the whole thing'll end up looking like something from Danbury Mint.

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