Friday, 11 January 2008

The Elson - things to face

First up, the Saturn V cone. I'd built and painted the kit 30 years ago. Not only is there 30 years of grime on it, there's enamel paint slopped on and glue's squished out the joins. Got to deal with this before i can use it.

Here's the underside piece that i'm going to use. Its part of the Star Wars Virago kit. Trouble is, before i can glue it on, i need to build it up onits top rear surfaces as there's too much of a gap between that and the underside of the hull.

Speaking of which, the underside will need a lot of work as there's no detail at all - its meant to be glued to the other wing section. Planning on putting on panel lines and maybe some really inappropriate semi-spheres to make it a true 70's spaceship

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