Thursday, 10 January 2008

Peter Elson style spacecraft

I know its a bad idea to start on a new project right now, especially as i've got so many tucked away half done in boxes right now, but i'm coming to the end of the helmet, Pred and Falcon builds and have a hankering for another spacecraft.

I've been eyeing up this clear ball for a while but couldn't decide what to do with it. Talk over on the SFMUK site turned to Chris Foss and Peter Elson artwork and i had my theme.

Here's where i'm at at the mo - the ball, the top cone from the Airfix Saturn V and the lower half of the 1/24th Harrier wings turned upside down so they are raised up a bit. All held togther with Blu Tac.

The ball actually hinges open so i'm having it as not so much a cockpit but an observation ball. Just got to decide whether its going to be 1/72nd or 1/48th.

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Doctor Smoke said...

was just browsing and I found your blog.
Great stuff! can't wait to see how your latest project progresses!