Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Saturn Build - first steps

Okay, first thing i've got to addresses on the Saturn build is to cover up the holes made by sticking the two lower sections of the First Stage together.
The one up top i don't recall what its from, but think a bulkhead from a plane kit.
The one on the side is pretty recognisble (if you're into that sort of thing) as a plate from the Tamiya 88mm gun kit and its where i intend to attach the second section on to.
I've used a bike pump for my tubular part coming out of it for the engine section as its just the right diameter and styrene, meaning kit parts will glue to it no probs.
On to that i've added on the very top another part from the 88mm kit and, straddling that, two bits from the Airfix SRN44 Hovercraft kit for a nice bit of detail.
The next two photos are from the secondary section - a complete stage from the Saturn V, capped with a dome from the same kit, and at the other end the clear blue parts from the old MPC R2D2 kit capped with a roundel from the Tamiya Bulldog.
And a wing from the SRN44 for a bit of jutting out detail.

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