Sunday, 20 September 2015

Euromilitaire 2015

Popped along to Euromilitaire 2015 this morning.
Its only a 15 min drive away and, in years gone by, was as the name suggests, a military modelling show and i used to go mainly to stock up on tools, paints etc as there wasn't much in the way of SF/fantasy products or subjects there.
Colour me stunned then to find its becoming pretty much 50/50 military to fantasy.
Alas, the fantasy half is mainly busts and figures, which i'm not into at the moment, with no hardware at all, which i am.
Also, no donor kits from Tamiya and Airfix that i'm after.
Bit of a let down - but at least i could ogle the stunning work in the show - awe-inspiring stuff!

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